C# / .NET Programmer and Build Engineer

About This Project

Do you truly enjoy building quality software? Do you enjoy working in a progressive, fun, and professional team environment? Well, you’re in luck! FlyCow is hiring!


FlyCow develops a wide variety of web-based and mobile games, all of which require a solid back-end architecture. We use the Microsoft technology stack, using C#, MVC, Entity Framework, and SignalR for real-time interactivity. We also make heavy use of popular JavaScript frameworks like JQuery, KnockoutJS, AngularJS and Durandal for our SPA admin interfaces.


If you have experience with C# development using industry best practices, and familiarity with build management, we’d like to talk with you!


Some skills we’re looking for:


  • Extensive experience in C#/.NET
  • Knowledge of advanced concepts like IoC, Domain-Driven Development
  • Experience with TeamCity or other build environments, and Fake Scripts
  • Familiarity with Amazon EC2
  • Familiarity with Puppet
  • Experience with test-driven development (TDD)
  • Curiosity, a lifetime learner, and open-minded


Tasks may include:


  • Migrate build scripts from “Teamcity build steps” to Fake
  • Make deployment procedures easier (build and deploy machines should require minimum manual configuration)
  • Setup automatic deployment for cluster environment
  • Migrate teamcity database from file system into some more reliable relational store
  • Setup automatic incremental backups for build server EC2 machine


In addition to competitive benefits, some perks of working at FlyCow Games include:

Awesome and talented colleagues

Fun, positive, team-oriented environment


Backend Development